Architect - Contractors - Manufacture - Fabrication - Technicians
Architecture - Interior Design, Furniture Manufacture, Metal Fabrication (Railing, Canopy, etc),
Civil Construction & Structures, Gypsum (Ceiling & Partition), Acryclic (Billboard, Frame and Neon Box),
Wallpaper, Electricity & Lamp Lighting, Plumbing & Sanitary.

Interior Design For Residence Place
Home, Apartements, Hotel - Kitchen Set, Living Room, Bed Room, Bath Room, Dining Room, etc.
Interior Design For Office
Staff Room, Directors Room, Reception Counter, Meeting Room, etc.
Interior Design For Booth Store
Backdrop, Display Racks, Cashier Counter, etc.
Interior Design For Culinary Outlets
Restaurants, Cafe, Bar, Canteen, etc.
Interior Design For Furniture Manufacture
Wardrobe, Credenza, Backdrop, Dining Table, Coffee Table, Sofa and Chairs, Books Racks, Learning Desk, etc.
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